INSEACT produces proteins, lipids and fertilizer from rearing insects.


INSEACT is building Asia’s largest insect rearing plants to create world’s largest insect based feed capacity.




Work with us

Work on the world’s future with INSEACT. Many jobs are opening up in South East Asia.



It can take 1000s of wild anchovies to farm 1 farmed fish. Feeding fish with fish is ridiculous and destroys complete ecosystems in our fragile oceans. INSEACT feeds fish with their naturally preferred feed: insects.

Palm oil

Palm oil waste is Asia’s largest source of waste and is normally burnt in electricity plants emitting huge amounts of CO2. INSEACT’s larvae grow fast and love to eat this waste.

The future of protein

Addressing the world’s growing protein demand with insects is the future.
We have an innovative solution for this future.

Our solution

Palm oil waste

Vertical farm


INSEACT processes palm oil waste, feeds this to insects and processes the insects

into premium ingredients for aquaculture.

INSEACT’s production is carbon negative

INSEACT’s XFprotein performance figures for white leg shrimp

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