About Us

The Problem

Demand for fish will vastly outstrip global supply of fresh capture fish (250% growth in 3 decades), driving up demand for farmed fish. Yet, farmed fish is very resource inefficient, requiring 1000s of wild anchovies to farm just one salmon

Our Vision

To provide sustainable and healthy food sources for the world through innovative technologies

Our Origins

A Message From Tim (our CEO):

I have roots in Samoa, an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. Over my past few visits I realized Samoans are eating less and less fish. My cousin, a fisherman, is having a hard time making a living. Pacific islanders are now world’s most obese people as processed food has become cheaper than fish.

The remaining fish in the Pacific are hunted by large industrial fishing boats from Asia and South America emptying the Pacific of fish. Most of the fish they catch are not for human consumption. Instead, the caught fish are used to feed other fish. It turns out that it takes 1000s of wild fish to grow just one salmon.

INSEACT will launch a credible and sustainable alternative to fish-based fish feed, namely insect-based aquaculture feed. We will address huge environmental concerns whilst disrupting a $120B market.

Our social enterprise business model will generate profit for investors and solve real environmental problems

Our Team

Meet the team of people making it happen.

With vast entrepreneurial and operational scaling-up experience, supplemented with MBAs from INSEAD, we have the right team to succeed.

Tim Van Vliet, CEO

Tim is a 2x food tech entrepreneur. Among just a few foreign entrepreneurs, he successfully launched his start-up in China. His business developed nutrition products in Europe for the Chinese market. Tim previously ran the Asian operations for Innovafeed – global leader in black soldier fly protein. He studied Asia Business in Amsterdam, Chinese at Tsinghua University and holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Michael Badeski, COO

Michael is a former engineer consultant at a global top 10 engineering firm where he designed industrial facilities such as   algae production factories. He has also scaled a venture-backed B2B startup and serves as advisor for a VC firm’s portfolio companies. As INSEACT’s COO, Michael is in charge of operations and insect protein production.  Michael holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from McGill University and an MBA from INSEAD.

Henry Chan, Eng. & Ops Manager

Henry is a project management and execution specialist with over a decade of experience with Johnson & Johnson, designing and building engineering projects throughout South-East Asia, the United States, India, and China. As INSEACT’s Engineering and Operations Manager, Henry oversees building and scaling up the production capabilities, as well as developing and overseeing the operations for insect protein production. Henry holds an Electrical Engineering degree from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Vei Ting Nyam, Senior Entomologist

Vei Ting is an entomologist with experience in farm management, insect rearing and insect biology research. She also has a prior background in the up-scaling of the production and processing of black soldier fly larvae. As a Senior Entomologist in INSEACT, Vei Ting manages our research team and sets the direction for our in-house research projects. Vei Ting currently holds a Master’s degree in Entomology from University Putra Malaysia.

Benedict Ling, Research Assistant

Benedict is an environmental biologist with prior experience in black soldier fly research and field biology, and is passionate about wildlife conservation and sustainability. As a research assistant of entomology, he is currently involved in the ongoing research and development of our black soldier fly rearing and production processes. Benedict is a recent graduate from the National University of Singapore with an honours degree in Life Sciences.

Koh Rui En, Research Trainee

Rui En is a food technologist with experience in various food industries. As INSEACT’s Research Trainee in nutrition, she is currently involved in feed and nutrition research projects for black soldier flies, which serves to make the fly rearing process a more sustainable one. Rui En is a fresh graduate from Singapore Institute Technology and Massey University with a honours degree in Food Technology.

John Raphael Lum, Strat. Partnerships Mgr.

John is a business development and strategy professional with diverse experiences across start-ups, F&B, tech, hospitality, HR, and non-profit organisations. Whilst INSEACT farms black soldier flies, John focuses on farming and cultivating synergistic relationships with our rapidly growing ecosystem of partners and industry contacts, driving INSEACT’s growth strategies. John holds a hospitality degree from Le Cordon Bleu, and an MBA from IE Business School, Madrid.

Djames Lim, CEO

CEO of Lim Shrimp Organization, active in over 16 countries and operating more
Than 40.000 hectares of shrimp ponds.

Cliff Go, Founder of Swaen Capital

Founder of Swaen Capital, a Singapore licensed wealth management firm.

ADB Ventures

ADB Ventures is the VC arm of the Asian Development Bank, one of Asia’s most respected financial institutions

Loyal VC

Loyal VC operates a global startup index fund with over 160 investments across 40 countries.

Shrimp companies

One of world’s largest shrimp companies. They have requested to remain anonymous

Claudia Zeisberger

Claudia Zeisberger is professor of Private Equity at INSEAD Business School. She is also the founder and director of INSEAD’s Private Equity Center (GPEI).


1st – INSEAD Start-up Bootcamp

INSEAD’s bi-annually bootcamp for entrepreneurs.

1st – Coromandel Foundation Social Impact Award

INSEAD’s recognition to impacts that can make social impact. A €5,000 cash prize is associating to winning this prize.

1st – INSEAD Venture competition

With over 200 participants, this is INSEAD’s prestigious venture competition that has already produced several start-up unicorns. A €35,000 cash prize is associating to winning this prize.

Nominated – Winsemius Rising Star Award 

Organized by the Dutch Embassy,  the Winsemius Awards celebrate the strong business ties between Singapore and the Netherlands, and recognize innovative and impactful achievements.