Benefits of Shrimp Feed with Black Soldier Fly Protein

The black soldier fly (BSF) based shrimp feed produced and sold by INSEACT has many benefits for shrimp growth:


Chitin is a naturally-occurring material which provides strength to the exoskeletons (shells and outer skin) and cells of many living things including crustaceans, fungi, and insects. As BSF larvae are insects that shed and grow new exoskeleton, there is a natural inclusion of chitin in the insect-based shrimp feed!

Including chitin in shrimp feed leads to a better immune response when fighting off deadly diseases and antimicrobial properties are transferred to the insect-based shrimp feed.


Feed added to aquaculture ponds is often left partially uneaten by the shrimp or fish, leading obvious and hidden costs. The uneaten feed will eventually dissolve and leach into the water, resulting not only in feed waste but also pollution in the shrimp ponds. The excess nutrients that the dissolved feed adds to the water leads to growth of unwanted microbes, increasing the likelihood of disease outbreak. How do black soldier flies can help solve this?

The inclusion of black soldier fly protein in the shrimp feed makes the smell of the feed stronger and more attractive to the shrimp, giving it an irresistible taste that shrimps prefer over conventional feeds.The shrimp smell, find, and then eat the feed pellets more quickly and completely, leading to less feed wasted and uneaten while improving water quality.

Efficient Shrimp Growth

Including black soldier fly larvae meal in shrimp feed has been studied a lot in recent years. Replacing part of the fishmeal with insect protein in traditional shrimp feed has shown a stellar track record of improvements to shrimp weight gain, growth rate, and Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR). The use of BSF-based shrimp feed also results in high shrimp survival rates, so at last shrimp farmers will not have to worry.

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