XFprotein is a nutrient-rich animal feed ingredient, obtained from dried and ground black soldier fly larvae. It is high in protein content and serves to promote the gut health of animals through the introduction of beneficial gut microbiota. Derived from self-farmed black soldier fly larvae, XFprotein is a sustainable and higher performing alternative to traditional protein sources. XFprotein is suitable to be fed to livestock such as shrimps and fishes.


INSEACT oil is clarified insect oil, extracted from our farmed black soldier fly larvae. Being rich in medium- chain fatty acids, INSEACT oil is an excellent and sustainable source of energy for animals when mixed in as a feed supplement. Additionally, INSEACT oil’s high lauric acid content boasts anti-microbial properties to combat digestive ailments and improve nutrient digestibility.


INSEACT frass is the by-product of black soldier fly larvae composting. INSEACT frass comprises of undigested fibres and larvae castings, which contributes to a high nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium content. As such, INSEACT frass functions well as an organic fertilizer, promoting the overall healthy development of plant parts. INSEACT frass is also supplemented with chitin, which proves essential in building immunity to diseases and pests alike.